Seattle Times Gets It Wrong...Again

From: Bob Lurry
Sent: Sunday, April 2, 2023 10:33 AM
Subject: Garbage Journalism


The article you wrote titled “after cops nearly killed him, he’s being charged again” is garbage.

One of the main reasons the city of Seattle is mired in crime as it is due to “journalists” like you, who have completely lost their way and relentlessly portrayed law enforcement as the villain.

Your article is filled with opinions and inaccuracies as is most of the material produced by a dying newspaper like the Seattle Times.

When you refer to Garrity as “old US Supreme Court case” would you qualify Miranda, a decision one year earlier, the same? Of course not, it does not fit your narrative. Statements like this only solidify your populist socialist narrative that people should all have rights, except cops. That does not fit your PC narrative for whom you write.

As I watch the people of Seattle continue to live in crime and rising squaller of a dying city, they have people like you to blame for you have abandoned whatever you may have originally sought to do with your life. The mainstream press has all but abandoned their vital role of a check on government. You have taken a political side and allowed that to permeate what you should be doing, that of objective journalism.

The sad reality is that those folks living in that Moses Lake neighborhood who feared this guy walking down the street high on drugs had every reason to call the police. None of this would have ever happened had he just complied with the person who is employed to enforce the law. But alas….the person high on drugs is now the victim. Great “journalism” David. Just remember….when that same guy high on drugs comes at you, you can always call 911 and an Officer will respond to help you, regardless of what you think about them.

As my law enforcement officer friend and colleague lies in the hospital with a bullet wound struggling to survive, just remember that people like us, defend your right to write crap like this.

Bob Lurry