Our Mission

What makes the King County Sheriff’s Office so special are the quality people in it. We strive to do our best. We hold one another accountable. We are proud of what we do and we KNOW that this is an honorable profession. We exist to help others and to keep the public safe.

The men and women of this Guild are the ones who come to your aid when you call 911. We are always on duty, 24 hrs a days, weekends and holidays. We will always respond to help others. Many of us live in King County, we are your neighbors. Our kids are in the same schools as your kids. We go out to the same restaurants you do, we shop at the same stores, we live life with you.

These are very trying times for those of us in the law enforcement profession. We strive to hire the best people possible though this can be challenging. Our call is not for everyone but the King County Sheriff’s Office has done a remarkable job hiring quality people for a very difficult job. The King County Police Officer’s Guild are those people. “We” are “you”.

Two sheriff deputies in bicycle gear