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A Labor Organization Representing
Sergeant’s and Deputies of the King County Sheriff’s Office
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Sergeant Wing Woo

Sgt. Woo Update July 5, 2016

~~Here is a statement offered by Cathy Marino, Sgt. Woo's mother-in-law:
 "On behalf of our Wing, I wish to express our gratitude for your overwhelming support to bring him home to us. Our family has never been on this side of the fence but because of your prayers and donations he is home! Life is like a quilt, made up of many pieces, colors, and shapes and each of you have become a part of our hearts. Public service is a challenging job and Wing is a perfect example of always paying forward. Wishing you , your loved ones and every first responder our love, prayers and positive karma. Many updates to follow! Be safe!"


Sgt Woo Update July 1, 2016
~~Great News! If you haven't heard, Sgt. Woo arrived by Medivac in the very early hours this morning. He was accompanied by his amazing son, Tony. He was met by officers from both the King County Sheriff's Dept and Seattle PD. He was transported by a Shoreline Fire Medic unit and a full law enforcement procession to Harborview Medical Center. Rest assured he will be receiving the best care available. Thank you so much for your continued financial and prayer support for Sgt. Woo and his family. This will be a very long road for them, financially, physically and emotionally, but they are so relieved to have Wing back in Seattle! We are all grateful beyond words for the amazing and inspiring support. It does indeed take a village.
Sgt. Wing Woo was seriously injured in an accident on 6/24 while vacationing with his family on Maui. Wing and his 14-year old son, Tony, were body surfing when he was hit by a large wave.  He hit his head on the ocean floor sustaining life threatening injuries.  Wing was knocked unconscious before being found by his son moments later, lifeless and unresponsive.  

When pulled from the water by his son, lifesaving efforts began immediately.  Wing had no pulse and had, for all intents and purposes, drowned.  Wing went into full cardiac arrest during CPR.  After several minutes they were able to get a pulse.  He was transported to Maui Memorial in a coma.  Wing had ingested a considerable amount of sand and seawater, which quickly became the emergent threat to his life.  Due to his extremely unstable condition, the doctors were not able to perform additional necessary testing until three days after the initial accident. 

Wing remained in a coma until Monday, June 27th.  When he was considered stable enough to breathe on his own for the duration of the 45+ minute MRI, the  tests were done.  The MRI showed brain activity and good heart condition.  However, it also showed considerable swelling on his spine.  At this time, Wing has limited mobility below the neck.  The full prognosis regarding his movement is unclear at this time.  

What we do know, is that we need to bring Wing home to Seattle to receive the absolute best care possible for his spinal injury at Harborview Medical Center.  

The costs to bring him home, due to the extensive care he will require enroute, is approximately $65,000.00. In addition, there will be countless medical expenses unpaid by insurance throughout the long road he and his family have ahead of them.

At this time, Medivac is requiring a guarantor to the initial $50,000.00 prior to takeoff from Hawaii.  Without that, they will not fly him out.

Sgt. Woo has been serving the public with the King County Sheriff's Dept. for 32 years.   He is married to Jackie and has two beautiful children, a daughter who is 12 and his son who is 14.  Wing's mother-in-law, Catherine Marino, will be facilitating this fund for Wing.  

From all of his family, including those in Blue, thank you so much for your donation. It means so much to be part of such an amazing extended family.  

Donations can be made at (Sgt. Wing Woo's Medical Fund)
2016 Off-Duty Rates


The Off-Duty Rates increased on January 1, 2016. The new rates are available in the Members Resource section (you must sign in), or can be obtainted from the Guild's Off-Duty Coordinator (

Employment of Off-Duty King County Deputies


 If you are interested in hiring an off duty officer for security or traffic control, please send an email to and include the following:

- Number of deputies needed

- Date and location (address / intersections) of event

- Start and approximate end time

- Name, address, phone and fax number of the employer

- Name and phone number of who to check in with on site  

- There is a four hour minimum for each deputy

Please contact the off-duty coordinator for current rates (

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