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The King County Police Officers Guild, the exclusive bargaining agent and labor organization representing all deputies and sergeants employed by the King County Sheriff’s Office is excited to announce its affiliation with the Washington State Council of Police and Sheriff’s effective May 1st, 2021.

The Washington State Council of Police & Sheriffs is recognized as the largest, oldest, and most influential organization representing law enforcement professionals in Washington State. The Washington State Council of Police & Sheriffs is committed to protecting the rights and quality of life of law enforcement officers through legislative action, legal defense, and other programs offered exclusively to its members. WACOPS membership is made up of law enforcement guilds from across this state and with our decision to join it will now represent over 5,200 Washington State Police Officers.

The King County Police Officers Guild Board of Directors unanimously agreed to affiliate with and fully support WACOPS. Guild President Mike Mansanarez believes that it is important for law enforcement professionals in our State to have a unified voice in Olympia and urges all agencies in Washington to become involved with WACOPS to give us that strong unified voice we need in Olympia.

WACOPS President Chris Tracy said, “On behalf of the WACOPS Board of Directors, members, and staff I welcome the King County Police Officers Guild. As a profession, it is essential to be invested in the trade association fighting for our pension, safety, and labor rights. We are stronger together. Welcome KCPOG!”

One of the most important services of WACOPS is representing law enforcement in the legislative process, working in a bipartisan fashion to push for reforms in Olympia to improve law enforcement benefits, address workplace issues, and change the criminal justice system to better support law enforcement efforts.


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